Our Mission

"To provide direct access to Health, Wealth, Information, Opportunity & growth to both our customers and consultants."

Our Vision

"Doing Well, Doing Good"

Red5 & Saladmaster provide free consultation for families, communities and organizational teams on how to maximize nutrition in their traditional meals. We cook with no oil, no water, on titanium and below boiling point in order to retain the electrons and photo-chemicals that our bodies need to keep fithtml version of &html version of & and healthy. The consultations are private and are usually conducted in the comfort of your own home and/or at a venue conducive to both parties.

Globally and locally we are faced with an alarming increase in lifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure to mention a few. Through our demonstrations we are helping families fight the devastating, ever increasing and costly diseases. The world is turning back to food as a source of natural medicine and the Saladmaster cooking system aids this as it protects food integrity, preserves nutrients and prevents contamination.

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